Technology Services

We know that the management of GRC needs to be as efficient as the management of any other key function within an organisation. This means adopting technology to facilitate as many GRC activities as possible. We wanted to find a solution that most suited the fundamental needs of our clients, but which also responded to the issues they face when sourcing and implementing technology. In the end we couldn’t find one, so we have developed our own response: Obsequium
E- Learning
An e-learning platform that hosts Obsey developed training modules as well as client modules. The platform provides e-delivery of training as well as a suite of records, certification and reporting functionality.
Policy Library
A central library of an organisation’s policy and procedural documentation with confirmation functionality and user access settings to ensure information is available only to those who should see it.
A platform for the centralised communication of GRC (and other) issues to an organisation’s personnel.
Training Modules
Access to Obsey’s standard e-learning modules: Compliance for employees; Data protection; and anti-bribery and corruption

But we also know that clients can have issues that need an individual response. That’s why we also offer tailored technology solutions, from modified platforms to ground-up development. This allows us to work with you to ensure you always get the right response for your problem.