Ireland. Right place Right time

With the impact of BREXIT on the UK’s access to the EU financial services market as uncertain as ever, gaining direct EU authorisation is now a key element of managing BREXIT risk.

Obséy is uniquely placed to help you with your relocation to Ireland.

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Helping You build your EU business from Ireland

BREXIT has created a huge set of challenges for the financial services industry in the UK. That’s why we have come together with our delivery partners to provide a unique service to support you, not only in your critical decision making, but also in the implementation of a decision to build a presence in Ireland and apply for an authorisation with the Central Bank of Ireland for your financial services activities.

Obséy is a Dublin and UK based compliance and regulatory adviser. We have a dedicated team devoted to supporting UK based clients in making decisions in respect of their EU financial services business, project managing establishment in Ireland, and providing advice, support and resources for EU authorisation in Ireland. Obséy’s team includes former regulators, lawyers, project managers and other risk and compliance experts.

Obséy’s key delivery partners: Beauchamps, JLL, Alternatives Elect and Cipros have been carefully selected for their track-record in delivering legal, real estate, resourcing and data security solutions respectively for financial services

Together, we have the expertise and resources to:

  • Project manage all aspects of your establishment in Ireland
  • Support the preparation of your application for authorisation with the Central Bank of Ireland
  • Facilitate effective engagement with the regulators and manage your application through the authorisation process
  • Advise on the legal and tax implications of your establishment in Ireland
  • Source, acquire and make ready your office requirements
  • Source and fulfil your people requirements
  • Advise on, and fulfil effective data management between your locations

Ireland at the heart of Europe

Ireland is a major European international financial services hub and the only English speaking Common Law member of the Eurozone. With more than 500 financial institutions, it has become a world-leading centre for a variety of specialist activities from fund management, FinTech, payments and banking, to aviation leasing and insurance.

Ireland is the only country in Europe with a Government Minister with specific responsibility for International Financial Services and has a co-ordinated strategy, IFS2020, to grow the sector.

Why Obsey

Obséy has been working with companies on their Brexit contingency plans for some time and is now uniquely positioned to offer a solution for allowing companies to continue to service their clients from Ireland for regulated financial services entities.

Ireland is the perfect location for your company to relocate part of your operation, and Obséy has built a team of partners around it ensuring that our proposition is not just about providing a passporting service, but also encompasses all of your needs. From office space to local legal advice, tax advice and access to local talent.