Léon Atkins, CEO of Obséy speaks at GDPR Summit, London, October 9th 2017



CEO of Obséy, Léon Atkins, was a guest speaker today at the GDPR Summit in London. His theme, on how GDPR will affect HR professionals and how it creates opportunities for harnessing technology, was warmly received by many of the international delegates, numbering over 600.

Léon proposed that GDPR is the Health & Safety of the digital age:

“If you can see GDPR in this way, the advantage is you can already start to see the corporate principles and frameworks within which GDPR can be addressed”, he said.

On the question of technology, Léon added:

“The breadth and depth of GDPR’s impact means there can’t possibly be a technology solution that delivers complete GDPR compliance – if it did, it would need to cover all of these aspects: people, policies, processes, systems, as well as the numerous facets of GDPR.”

“Whilst technology increasingly provides a solution for the problems it is seeking to solve – what is needed is sometimes more simple, like data minimisation. Really understand and examine the problem first before reaching out to technology to help you.”

Léon takes a wider view of how GDPR can be implemented through people, policies processes and systems.

“The success of GDPR starts with people, understanding what they need to learn and what they can contribute will be crucial. Secondly, an organisation will be developing policies in respect of GDPR. These will need to be accompanied by supporting resources, made available in a structured and controlled way, and confirmed by the personnel who are subject to them.”

“Once people are engaged and informed, and policies developed, then processes and underlying systems have to be designed and implemented. From the perspective of HR, getting each of these aspects right is critical, because of the nature and sensitivity of the personal data handled.”

Léon urged HR professionals to seize GDPR as an opportunity to magnify the importance of people, policies, processes and systems, and to promote HR as an organisation-centric delivery champion.